2f739c26-c122-47f9-bb23-3d05be84a98aRadio You project, run by three volunteers, Elle, Emma and Jake from the UK, was a great project – it took place during July 2018 and is bound to resume on September 2018.  This project allowed the young people to be the host of their own radio show, deciding the topics they were interested in exploring, picking the music and interviewing other community members. In preparation, the young people learnt about radio, the equipment and programs used to record and edit. They also participated in exercises, for example, recording messages to their future selves and to people in 30 years’ time. Through this project, which was based in the space and at the Help Refugee’s office, some young people got to visit and interview outside of Velos. Other young people went to the Mayor’s office and interviewed the Deputy Mayor and some other employees, they talked about how to improve Athens for young people.   They also visited Olypiacos F.C. training ground, where they also got to interview people. One talented young person had the opportunity to produce and create two music tracks, one rap with another young person and one RnB track with vocals from a volunteer. The project empowered young people to be creative, take decisions, learn new skills and take pride in what they created. At the end of the month long project, we had a showcase where the radio shows were presented and certificates were given to the participants.