When it comes to activities and workshop for the young people of Velos, there is nothing better than collaborating with other organisations of Athens! This is exactly what happened on Sunday 15th of September at Aghios Kosmas, where SCI, Greek Forum of Refugees, the Hellenic Red Cross and Velos Youth took part in a football tournament.

The young people split in teams and enjoyed a day of competitive but friendly football. They met new people, re-energised, and practiced a sport everyone loves! Everyone received participation medals in the end, recognising all extraordinary efforts and perfectly rounding up the day.

The tournament was organised by SCI, who did an incredible job in ensuring the smooth and safe running of the event.

Opportunities like these are awesome, as simple things like playing football in a real-sized, grass field should not be taken for granted.

We look forward to participating in more activities like these in the future!

The other guys were better trained, they practice every week together. For us, we were individually good but were not playing as a team. But if we practice and if we get better equipment and shoes, we can be better.” – 17 year old from Afghanistan who participated in the tournament in the Velos Youth team.