The end of September marked the end of the one year pilot period for Monopati project. Even if the pilot period is ending, the foundations set through the project will be sustained and even further developed in our daily Velos activities.

‘Monopati’, meaning ‘footpath’ in Greek, promoted and facilitated engagement and access to formal and informal education for the young people of Velos Youth.

With the young people at its core, the project led to the development of LEAP (Learning and Education Action Plan), an individual education engagement tool used during both 1 to 1 and group discussions to explore present and future learning aspirations. Additionally, the introduction of Learning Support Sessions bridged educational gaps, built confidence & provided support to the young people.

The pilot period of the Monopati project also enhanced our daily activities through the introduction of learning-specific workshops and the development of collaborations and sign postings to language and vocational organisations. 

With the adoption of the new Lamplight case management system and the EPIM project starting next week, the end of the pilot period only means continuation of our activities and a growth of opportunities for the young people of Velos Youth.