Velos Youth introduced our first ever Entrepreneurship Workshop to teach our young people how to think like an entrepreneur. It is very important for these young people to develop such skills which will benefit their future professional endeavours.

Many of the young people have been interested in the stories of entrepreneurs from all over the world and so we have been running workshops to develop their interests and skills in these areas. In the workshops, we are learning new terms commonly used in business environments and generating discussions on what makes a good manager or employee.

Alongside these discussions about business, we have been encouraging the young people to gain confidence and experience in presenting their ideas. At the end of the sessions, the young people have to present their findings to the rest of the group. This has been extremely rewarding for the young people who are listening and for the young people who learn to present in a professional manner. 

We are always looking for new learning opportunities, skills and ideas to engage the young people who visit us in. If you would like to run a workshop in Velos, share with us your workshop ideas – even if you are uncertain, we can help you developing one!

This is the best workshop

17 year old from Afghanistan about our Entrepreneurship workshop

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