Despite the fact that due to the second lockdown the Day Centre of Velos Youth remained closed, a group of young people expressed the need to re-activate the Creative Bloggers group and start to meet online.

In that way, and with the assistance of the two coordinators from Velos Youth, we organised the first meeting through an internet platform. Even if we could not physically be present in the space of Velos Youth, we started to feel at ease with each other. Maybe the fact that we hadn’t seen each other in some weeks, made us realise that even this kind of contact gave us the opportunity for common sharing.

In this first online session of the Creative Bloggers group, we started talking about everyone’s experiences during the first weeks of what is named as the second lockdown.

We all shared several hard moments and days where we feel stressed and the stress does not help us sleep well either. It is a bittersweet feeling – that we are all free, but not being able to move freely whenever we want. We get to know people that we might share the same flat, but do we really connect? We miss our fellow students and the simple walk to a park can become dangerous because of fines that can be put to us.

However, we try to find ways to reduce the stress.

We try to exercise and to study using available online lessons. We try to find ways to free our mind, while being forced to stay at home.

We want to try and remain optimistic, positive and creative!! You can follow us on this effort.

See you soon…