Things I did when the lockdown started

I was a bad sleeper, I used to go to bed around 5am in the morning and wake up during the day. I changed my sleep schedule because I was Idle at home and not doing much. Βefore the lockdown I used to go to African Clubs and get fun but when the lockdown came in effect everything was closed I was not staying up late at night. Having a change in my sleep schedule has been beneficial to me, I feel healthy, energized all day long now. I go to bed now at 12am and wake up at 8am/9am most days.

Activities I did to kill time in the Lockdown

I started doing some exercises, running in the park, listening to podcasts, check out this podcast I listened to. This podcast is about the controversies around the Covid-19 vaccines.

I also try to do some painting during this time. It was a fun thing to do with my flat mates.

This blog was written by a young person attending the Creative Bloggers and Blog Workshops ran in Velos Youth, as part of the Young People’s Blog.