It has been 18 months since the pilot project “Transitioning to Adulthood: A pathway to Autonomy and Self-Reliance” first began. The program funded by EPIM – the European Programme for Integration and Migration – has addressed the complex needs of young refugees residing in Athens, by adding two more core services to the holistic approach of support offered in Velos Youth, delivered by two specialised partner organisations; livelihoods & social integration support provided by HumanRights360 and mental health services provided by Day Centre Babel

Throughout the implementation of the project, we have faced multiple challenges and learnt a lot. In the ever-changing current environment, we are happy to be sharing this Practitioners Guide, including lessons learnt and best-practices that have emerged from the project.

Download the full Practitioners Guide below.

This project has been supported by the Fund ‘Never Alone – Building our future with children and youth arriving in Europe’ of the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), a collaborative initiative of the Network of European Foundations (NEF). The sole responsibility for the project lies with the organiser(s) and the content of the “Practitioners Guide” may not necessarily reflect the positions of EPIM, NEF or the Foundations contributing to the Fund.