Four years ago – in June 2017 – Velos Youth became the first youth centre in Athens to open its doors to young refugees and migrants.

Since the beginning, we remain committed to our mission of providing safe spaces for displaced unaccompanied children and young people on the move through our holistic approach focused on each individuals interests and wellbeing.

Four years later Velos Youth has been a safe space for 1,695 young people who have visited us over 20,500 times, each of whom found a network of support in the Velos Youth team – whether virtually or in person. Despite the challenges faced on a global level over the past year, the multidisciplinary team of Velos Youth never stopped providing psychosocial support, empowerment sessions, educational activities and facilitating access to a variety of services and basic needs for each young person. Throughout 2020-2021 Velos Youth increased its activities and network of collaborations in order to provide livelihoods, integration and legal support, as well as semi-autonomous housing.

We will continue to strive for a future founded on human dignity and equality, focusing on the immediate safety and a smooth transition to adulthood of each child and young person.