Velos Youth is excited to announce its partnership with Communia, an Italian youth association, for the implementation of the “We Are Part” project. This project, which is part of the Erasmus+ KA210 programme for small-scale partnerships focused on youth, seeks to address the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the social inclusion and overall well-being of recently arrived young people in Europe.

The project will implement an action research facilitated by young researchers with a refugee/migrant background on investigating regional practices that were adopted to promote social inclusion of newly arrived young people and to support partner organizations to co-create with young migrants pilot interventions towards this goal.

 “We Are Part” aims to engage at least 50 recently arrived young people and 25 other local stakeholders in each country and it will run for 18 months, starting in April 2023.

The project includes training on participatory action-research methodology for the six young researchers, who will then create country-specific reports on current regional practices.

International workshops will be held during which the researchers will exchange ideas and produce a ‘strategic paper’ featuring a range of actions and proposals that can be used at a local level to promote inclusion.

 Local stakeholders and young people will interact into creative dialogic sessions to create pilot social inclusion interventions, taking into considerations the results of the action research.  

The interventions will then be piloted, and best practice results will be disseminated via a handbook and a series of webinars to both not-for-profit organizations and public authorities.

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