“Creative Bloggers” keep creating…!

During the last two "Creative Bloggers" workshops, we discussed about the positive and negative aspects of living in Athens. Because Athens is a metropolis and still has no super-hero, the young people participating in the workshop started creating one who will protect the city and its population. If you want to see what the super-hero will look like, … Continue reading “Creative Bloggers” keep creating…!

Young People’s Blog – Watch This Space!

Finding different ways to express ourselves means we can connect with others, make our voice heard and create understanding in others of our experiences and perspectives.  This is why we started our “Creative Bloggers” workshops; self expression workshops at the Velos Youth centre. We wanted to create a space for the young people who come … Continue reading Young People’s Blog – Watch This Space!

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind? (Where Are All the Homeless Children?)”

Written by one of the Velos Youth founders, Jonny Willis, and published by I Witness Child Migration, the following article draws on the work of Velos Youth and highlights some of the current issues affecting homeless children in Greece. As of May 15, 2020, there are an estimated 967 homeless children residing outside of formal … Continue reading “Out of Sight, Out of Mind? (Where Are All the Homeless Children?)”

Preparations for Covid-19 with MSF

Two weeks ago the Velos Youth team engaged in a discussion facilitated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Covid-19 where we learnt useful information about the virus and had multiple of our questions and concerns answered. Additionally, a detailed discussions and consultation with the MSF team around personalised recommendations have helped us make our space … Continue reading Preparations for Covid-19 with MSF