Transitioning to Adulthood: a path to autonomy and self-reliance

We have recently received funding from the European Programme for Integration and Migration to continue our work supporting young people as they turn 18 and their legal rights change. We will test new approaches of access to housing and education and will replicate existing pilots that promote access to employment and psychological care, creating a … Continue reading Transitioning to Adulthood: a path to autonomy and self-reliance

Electronics Workshop

This was a great opportunity for Velos Youth service users to have some first hands-on experience with electronics related materials and skills that Athens ReMakers's project are the local community experts on.   The workshop happened on a relaxed September Friday afternoon and was met with enthusiasm.   More to follow!        


A workshop starts in Velos.  Two UK volunteers fill the place with colourful crochet threads and young people get really busy with knitting.  As I follow them repeating crochet movements and patterns, I catch myself almost getting mesmerised - and my thoughts start drifting. In ancient Greece Moires or Moirai, often known in English as the Fates (Clotho the spinner, Lachesis the allotter, and … Continue reading Fates