Mustafa Mohammad Director

Mustafa is passionate about human rights and aims to continue striving for every young persons rights to opportunities and a safe, prosperous future.

Originating from Syria, Mustafa began his career travelling across the globe as a sailor, aiming to become a captain. Once the war erupted in Syria, his career was abruptly interrupted. In 2015, he moved to Greece to find a different path there. In 2017 he joined the newly opened Velos Youth Centre as a Cultural Mediator for Arabic. Quickly his passion to support the young people visiting the day centre was undeniable, and his ability to find solutions and empower each young person became apparent. Soon he was promoted to a Case Worker where his skills, determination and proactivity shined. In 2019, Mustafa became the co-manager of Velos Youth, and a year later one of the Directors of the day centre which has since continued to grow. 

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Jonny Willis Director

Jonny is passionate about finding long-term, locally-led and implemented solutions to the multitude of issues that continue to affect Europe’s most vulnerable children and young people. 

Co-founding Refugee Youth Service in 2016 and sister organisation Velos Youth in 2017, Jonny has led the creation and development of innovative and holistic solutions to these issues, in France and Greece. With a background in small business and grassroots NGO leadership, Jonny enjoys the entrepreneurial and operational sides of Humanitarian NGO work, as well as direct engagement with young people.

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