Electronics Workshop

This was a great opportunity for Velos Youth service users to have some first hands-on experience with electronics related materials and skills that Athens ReMakers's project are the local community experts on.   The workshop happened on a relaxed September Friday afternoon and was met with enthusiasm.   More to follow!        

About Velos

Velos Youth is a Non-Profit that provides a safer space and a youth service for displaced and disenfranchised young people (aged 16-21). The service operates as community-minded, grassroots layers of attention to vulnerable youth, which facilitate access to state-run and other established services including protection, asylum, accommodation and education. Within our space a varied program … Continue reading About Velos

Football brings people together!

Velos supported a group of young people for participating in the Exarcheia Champions tournament (that took place during several Wednesdays in Spring).   Communities, organisations, etc.) played against each other and created a lovely solidarity atmosphere.   We even had two teams (with the inspired names Velos 1 and Velos 2)!  Velos arranged some practice sessions for … Continue reading Football brings people together!