Young people access Velos youth resources, including social and recreational activities, both in the centre and through detached youth work. They build relationships with each other and experienced youth workers.

We support young people in identifying issues affecting them, including how they would like to move forward into education and employment.

Young people are directly involved in developing the future of Velos Youth. The service is designed and delivered in an inclusive, youth-centric way.


Workshops and Activities at Velos Youth are aimed at providing a structured, creative and recreational atmosphere for young people. Read more about our workshops here.

Art and creativity sessions are run regularly. We use this as a way for young people to connect with each other and with their own emotions. The art they make is displayed around the centre, and they can see the impact they have on the space.

Group LEAP (Learning and Education Action Plan) sessions, which began as part of Monopati pilot project, encourage young people to engage in learning and education and think about their present and future.

Youth-centred Casework

At Velos Youth, casework is implemented holistically from youth work, psychosocial and community entry points. Young people are empowered to engage with their own progress and futures.

This involves:

  • assessing cases of young people who need guidance and support,
  • monitoring and following-up according to an evidence-based youth work system for tracking change and fostering action (Lamplight),
  • referring young people to relevant services