Learning Support Sessions are provided by youth workers at Velos Youth, during which young people in a small group can engage in learning of whatever kind or subject matter they choose. This can be an impromptu Greek or English lesson using songs and games as tools to keep it fun, or can be opportunity to go through homework set by school or another education or training program.

Greek Lessons are held at the Velos Youth Centre three days per week, and are delivered in a more conventional classroom setting. The students who attend are those making longer-term plans that involve staying in Greece. The classes follow a curriculum that prioritises the language needed for daily life and to find and maintain employment. The classes are delivered by a professional Greek Language teacher.

English Lessons are held at the Velos Youth Centre twice per week, and are extremely popular. The classes, delivered by a professional English teacher, follow a curriculum designed to support young people in their daily lives and with their future plans.