Velos Youth provides safe spaces for displaced unaccompanied children and young people on the move.

This space offers basic services such as showers, laundry, and facilitates, through a team of local professionals, access to state-run services including protection, asylum, accommodation and education; protecting and advocating for this vulnerable groups rights.

Within our spaces a varied program of activities, centred around wellbeing, social development and informal education is offered, fostering feelings of belonging, self-worth and community.

Ultimately, through a holistic approach to the individual’s wellbeing we support unaccompanied children and young people to re-start their lives where they are, or safely and legally reach an alternative destination that is in their better interests.

Velos Youth is a response to the changing outlook of vulnerable and precarious youth in urban Athens.

Urgent needs, frustration, but also hope and aspirations cut across the diverse backgrounds and belongings of the city’s disenfranchised youth. Young people with very different “profiles” can have surprisingly much in common, yet what divides them can at times be both trivial and very hard to overcome.

Velos is a place where young people come together as persons – not profiles – to understand and practice both difference and unity.