Alongside our core activities we design and implement sub-projects. These often support and enhance our core activities, and are commonly delivered in partnership with other local organisations. They are usually funded by a specific donor for a finite period of time. Below is a list of past and current projects of this nature.

The project titled, “Transitioning to Adulthood: a pathway to autonomy and self-reliance” tested a new methodology for the integration of young people in the 16-21 age range, including granting direct and immediate access to employability support and psychological care. The project officially concluded at the end of 2021, but the partnership and referral network delivered lives on.

Velos Youth and Equal Rights Beyond Borders joining forces to deliver “My Rights!”, a project that will contributed to educating unaccompanied minors and young adults on their human rights and offer them legal representation in their asylum procedures in Greece.

Velos Youth’s Housing Integration Project supports young people to build lives integrated within Greek Society. The project complements the Velos Youth holistic model and benefits young people already accessing other Velos Youth services.