Strengthening Creativity

Velos Youth has incorporated new Arts activities in its weekly program as we recognise the importance of expression and creativity.

Every young person should have the opportunity to explore their creative self in a safe and open environment. Through our Photography workshop and our Creative Arts workshop taking place every week, we empower the people visiting Velos to express themselves by showing them new techniques and setting new themes. So far, we have created collages, painted on cardboard from old boxes, drawn optical illusions, and more, and have visited three different locations around Athens to take pictures.

We are very proud of every individuals participation and the art our young people create is beautiful. To share this artistic form of expression, every week the new art pieces are displayed on our “Art of the Week” board.

We care about providing opportunity through new activities and crafts for the young people visiting us. To donate activity or workshop materials, please email

New activities with SCI

This week a group of international volunteers from Service Civil International (SCI) delivered a variety of workshops for the young people of Velos Youth.

They did an incredible job! During their art sharing workshop they initiated discussions around music and classical artists. Their story-telling workshop was also great fun. The young people drew variations of each other – a portrait while having their eyes closed, a portrait of the person as their favourite animal, and more. The young people also shared their favourite places in Athens, and drew a picture representing those. We were glad to see the young people working with each other and actively participating in the workshop.

This great partnership will continue until the end of the month. We look forward to seeing what else SCI have planned for us!