Support and follow a displaced young person’s journey in Athens

At Velos Youth, our mission is to support unaccompanied children and young people who have been displaced to restart and rebuild their lives. Today there are 5,000 unaccompanied children in Greece. 1,000 are homeless. Over the next 12 days we will follow the story of 17 year old Haji as he arrives alone in Athens … Continue reading Support and follow a displaced young person’s journey in Athens

Athens Collective of Superheros

Athens 2020. Covid-19 has descended upon the city. Numbers of confirmed cases rise daily. War, poverty and oppressive governments mean thousands of people from other lands come to the city of Athens in search of safety. Instead they face homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, job scarcity, long difficult processes to get documents, hot and humid weather, … Continue reading Athens Collective of Superheros

“Creative Bloggers” keep creating…!

During the last two "Creative Bloggers" workshops, we discussed about the positive and negative aspects of living in Athens. Because Athens is a metropolis and still has no super-hero, the young people participating in the workshop started creating one who will protect the city and its population. If you want to see what the super-hero will look like, … Continue reading “Creative Bloggers” keep creating…!