Athens Collective of Superheros

Athens 2020. Covid-19 has descended upon the city. Numbers of confirmed cases rise daily. 

War, poverty and oppressive governments mean thousands of people from other lands come to the city of Athens in search of safety. Instead they face homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, job scarcity, long difficult processes to get documents, hot and humid weather, poor access to health services, theft. 

The buildings of Athens drip water from air conditioners. The streets are narrow and difficult for people who can’t walk. Parts of the city look dirty and smell bad. Loud aggressive traffic fills the air. 

And yet! Athens is a city of hope! Everyday people become heroes as they try to help each other. 

Doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers, rubbish collectors, traffic wardens, teachers, volunteers, and police offer solidarity in Athens. 

But they can’t do it alone, they need help!

They need a collective of superheroes to aid them. Over the last four weeks this band of superheroes has come to the rescue! 

Name Peace Man


  • He looks like a big man. He wears a white and green suit with a peace sign on the back and front of his suit.
  • He has the superpower to stop war.
  • He can show people the positive and negative results from their current actions.
  • He can teach people how their life can be beautiful and peaceful and how they can live their lives honestly and peacefully with love for one another and for God.


He was born in a poor country where there is always violence, war, corruption, rape and terror. It’s a place where rich people abuse poor people so his life was very difficult from childhood. He always hoped and prayed to God to have superpowers. He wished he could teach people how to change their world. He could stop war. One day he woke up in the morning and he discovered he is stronger and bigger than before and he got the superpower that he wanted.

Name Athens Man |  Height 7 ft | Origin Syria


  • Hear people’s thoughts 
  • Manipulate the minds of people to do good and be positive 
  • Strong muscles 
  • Can fly 
  • Punish bad people (e.g. take them to the police)
  • Magical coat 
  • Have long range of smell
  • Emergency response (e.g. fire department, hospital, covid-19)


He is from Syria, he came to Athens to help the city as a payback for what the city have done for his people. He noticed this ability after the war started. Athens Man can help the everyday heroes to make the city of Athens to be a better place. 

Name Athina | Origin Greece, Ancient Athens


  • Athina is good at war and gives heroes courage. Her special powers included the ability to invent useful items and crafts.


She also invented many of the skills used by women in ancient Greece such as weaving and pottery. Athina is often depicted in art with armour and she is associated with the olive tree and owl, symbols of wisdom

Name SuperVelos | Origin Outer space.


  • SuperVelos can hear, feel and find everyone that needs help. When they find the people that need help they use their superpower of flying to help them reach assistance and safety.
  • SuperVelos helps people reach the hospitals and emergency services when the ambulances can’t because of traffic.
  • SuperVelos can also help people reach appointments on time, and being able to understand and speak in all languages known on earth means he can help translate and ensure people’s voices are heard when they meet with asylum protection services.


When SuperVelos heard the need of the people in Athens they flew directly to earth to assist.

All images/art belong to the young people participating in the Creative Bloggers workshop.

This blog post was written by the young people visiting the Velos Youth centre who participated in the Creative Bloggers workshop. Read more on our Young People’s Blog.