Meet our amazing volunteer, Roseanna

Meet Roseanna, our incredible volunteer who has been strongly involved in planning and delivering our “Creative Bloggers” workshops. Here is a little bit about her experience being part of the Velos Youth team!

“I volunteer with Velos Youth once a week to support the “Creative Bloggers” workshop. Together we explore and develop our tools in self expression, and unpack our life experiences. Meeting the young people that come to Velos Youth gives me hope and strength for the future.

They are all so motivated, determined and empowered to reach their dreams and fulfil their goals despite the obstacles and challenges they face. Every session they give me a fresh perspective on the important values in life. What they share reminds me of the importance of respect for other humans regardless of education, status and wealth.

The whole team at Velos creates a warm, safe and welcoming space for everyone and I feel really lucky to be a part of it. I am extremely glad that Velos Youth exists, and know that Velos Youth will never really know just how much it brings to the city and people of Athens.”