#Throwback – Art Exhibition at Velos

At the beginning of December, we decided to showcase all the art we have created the past quarter. With the great support of our former volunteers Arman and Sylvie, art pieces from our Creative Arts workshops, our impromptu art spaces, or from individuals’ creative moments during their stay in Velos, overwhelmed and brightened our space!

The exhibition also had two interactive activities. In the first, young people could draw on a poster, but with a twist; either with closed eyes, or with their weakest hand, while in the second, they could share their art experiences in Velos and their thoughts on the exhibition on a second poster. In the same day, we also projected an animated video created by a few young people and our youth worker.

The day was a happy and proud moment for all of us who admired each others art. As is always the case in Velos, the day ended with music and lots of dancing!