First young person: “These people they are just so great, they help me. I have so many problems outside of here, but I come here and they help me so much.” 

Second young person: “I was exactly like this two years ago, and they helped me too! Now I have a job, I’m in school and I stay in an apartment.” 

Conversation of two young people visiting Velos Youth

“Velos is nice, it is full of good people, it is helping people, that’s why I come here” 

21 year old from Syria

“Even though the young people who visit Velos can’t always get what they ask for, they get something else by spending time with the team and other young people, which is also important” 

A case worker of Velos Youth

“I really enjoyed the day, I feel like I was laughing all day.” 

17 year old from Sierra Leone

“My head said not to come [to Velos], but my heart said to come.” 

19 year old from Afghanistan

“We are like a family here, we do things together, use the same things” 

21 year old from Afghanistan

“I feel happy at Velos, it’s really good. I like the program.” 

18 year old from Afghanistan

A lot of boys came here and got helped, I have heard it, so this is why I came too.

Young person from Afghanistan

“Everyone is so sad outside with so many problems, but Velos is the only place we laugh and have fun.”

Young person from Afghanistan