Thank you for everything! I will miss you all. I will keep in touch.

(When leaving Greece to be reunited with his family in the Netherlands.)

16 year old from Afghanistan

That was better than FIFA!

(about the ‘Wind-up Penguins’, a performing arts group that visited Velos)

16 year old from Afghanistan

Normally in other organisations people don’t deal with us and try to communicate with us. Here is good because people try to speak with us.

20 year old from Afghanistan (deaf)

[Youth worker] is the reason that my family reunification was successful, because he made sure I had a lawyer and social worker. He guided me every step of the way.

16 year old from Afghanistan

I am really glad to find Velos, I am really happy!

17 year old from Somalia

I came to Velos when I was hopeless and now I enjoy life again. I was so lost the very first time I came in Athens but now I have everything.

17 year old from Afghanistan

I am happy and safe only when I am here.

Young person from Pakistan

A lot of boys came here and got helped, I have heard it, so this is why I came too.

Young person from Afghanistan

Everyone is so sad outside, these boys have so many problems, but at velos it is the only place we laugh and have fun.

18 year old from Afghanistan