***We are looking for volunteers***


We have multiple volunteering positions. If you would like to virtually or physically support us with any of the following, read more about the positions and submit your application here.

  • Web Develop to transfer our website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org (online and offline position)
  • Translation (written) from English to Arabic, French, Bengali, Greek, Farsi/Dari, Pashto, or Urdu. (online position)
  • Cultural mediation from Arabic to English. (online and offline position)

You can also support Velos Youth in other ways!

  • We always appreciate donations and fundraising towards keeping important services running and growing our impact. For specific needs, you can have a look at our needs list.
  • Follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles to keep up with what is happening at the centre, and share with friends.
  • Tell your friends! Invite them to follow us on social media.
  • You can run a workshop! Although we are not running workshops at the moment, we are always interested to listen to your ideas, and hopefully welcome you to our space once the pandemic allows for it. If you have 1-2 hours every week and a skill you would like to teach, knowledge you would like to share, or any other activity in mind (educational workshops, creative activities, plays and shows, sports, games), let us know. Complete the following workshop template and email it to info@velosyouth.org with your CV and a small paragraph about yourself and your motivations.