Velos Youth enables young people to access important wellbeing services, such as mental and physical health professionals, and health and hygiene facilities. We also connect them with other services that they can use.

Mental Health Services

Young people have a better understanding of their mental health and services available in the community and a ‘toolbox’ of techniques they can use independently.

Babel Day Centre provide Mental Health services at or for the young people of Velos.

Group and individual sessions take place in order to help young people in need of mental health support.

Medical Attention

The overall physical health of young people is improved, they know where and how to access medical support and understand basic principles of how to take care of themselves.

Access to Medical attention has been made possible through support from the Hellenic Red Cross Mobile Unit.  Young people at Velos have been able to access vaccination schemes, the medical exams necessary for enrolling at school, basic treatments for skin issues and injuries, and basic medical advice.

Hygiene Facilities

The day centre has a bathroom with a shower, and laundry facilities available. Young people can use these facilities to help them stay clean and healthy. We also provide soap and hygiene products for them to use, which are generously donated.