We work with 16-21 year olds, who will likely spend years, decades or even their entire life in Greek society. Velos Youth aims to empower, integrate and amplify their voice so that a healthy and inclusive society is formed.

We support the rights of young people, particularly in the areas of asylum, health and mental health, housing, protection, education and employment.

Velos Youth Centre provides:

  1. A daytime sanctuary. Our headquarters operate as a safe and relaxed space where young people can access support from both professionals and members of the refugee community.  There is access to a shower and washing machine facilities and materials are distributed to service users who are homeless or living in squats.
  2. Personal & Social Development Program: A varied program of activities focuses on wellbeing and social / interpersonal development, promoting belonging, self-respect and community.
  3. A centralised hub: a platform for networking and referrals to specialised services, as well as recreational and learning activities such as skateboarding, mobile library etc.
  4. Situation support and monitoring: Velos Youth Center implements a case management system integrating individual development on 8 key areas such as “Work & Learning”, “Health”, “People & Support” etc. The case management service supports 50 to 60 case action plans at any given time.