Finding different ways to express ourselves means we can connect with others, make our voice heard and create understanding in others of our experiences and perspectives. 

This is why we started our “Creative Bloggers” workshops; self expression workshops at the Velos Youth centre. We wanted to create a space for the young people who come to our centre to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes, dreams, wishes (and more) and to share these with each other – and with you – via this blog. 

Sharing our expressions helps us know we are not alone, that others are with us. When we see something that moves us, something that gives us a new perspective, and share it with other people we create more shared understanding; we create more shared care. 

During our workshops we will be using writing, photography, videos, audio and other methods as our tools for self expression. Already we have seen some stunning photography exploring people’s relationship to the city they are living in, and written letters reflecting on how we can cope through difficult circumstances. 

So watch this space as over the next months young people at Velos Youth will use this blog space to share their feelings, thoughts, experiences, artwork; their self expressions.

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